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  1. Senior Management encourage employees to express their ideas, suggestions and concerns in full confidentiality regarding issues that would contribute positively to the general welfare of the Company, the Employees and the Operation.
  1. Reporting of information could be made as follows:
    • Confidential with disclosed identity of sender: All reports received will be treated in strict confidentiality and the identity of the sender will not be disclosed unless the person gives written consent to such disclosure.  Employees are encouraged to identify themselves in order to assist management in following up with further information as required.
    • Anonymous Reporting: Employees can send their reports anonymously, but in order for these reports to be considered by management, the reporting party is expected to make sure that the information reported is based on credible evidence that could be substantiated in support of their claim.  Reports suspected to be otherwise will be withheld until sufficient credible information is received.
  1. Negative reports related to unethical behaviour, lack of trust or integrity should not be made if based on rumours, hearsay, false accusations, indecent / malicious intentions, hatred, jealousy or personal revenge. Such reports would be considered abusive and if upon further investigation, it is found that the report was made with bad intention, then the person making the report will be subject to disciplinary action for the intention of scarring the reputation of the targeted party and for diverting the focus of the investigating team.
  1. Retaliation for reports of misconduct made by others in good faith is prohibited, and the Company will not permit retaliation of any kind, including but not limited to conduct such as harassment, job loss, threats, abuse or demotion against any employee who reports misconduct in good faith.
  1. To ensure confidentially, it is recommended that reports containing confidential and sensitive information should not be made through the networks of the Company.

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